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St. Louis Asphalt Sealing & Striping partners with contractors, developers and property owners to bring real value to asphalt paving.


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St. Louis Asphalt Sealing & Striping extends the life of asphalt surfaces with our high-quality sealcoating services.

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St. Louis Asphalt Sealing & Striping uses commercial-grade hot crack filling compounds to extend the life of your asphalt paving.

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St. Louis Asphalt Sealing & Striping uses the highest-quality polymers and paints to provide a long-lasting finished look to your surface!

Hot Crack Filling


Hot crack filling may seem dull, but ask any asphalt surface professional about it’s importance!  Cracks develop on every solid surface, but those made with rocks and a binding agent over compacted material are most at risk.

How your driveway or parking lot was built

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Like any surface, your asphalt surface was built using layers:

  • Sub-Base
  • Base
  • Binder
  • Surface

Each of these surfaces builds upon the one beneath, creating a very compact and tough surface.


What happens when a crack develops?

There are many causes for cracking asphalt and/or concrete.  (Many of those reasons can be found here.)


The result is water infiltration.  Water from rain and snow make their way into the sub-base layer and start to soften the ground beneath the asphalt.  Under the surface, water still needs to go somewhere. Normally, gravity pulls water to the lowest spot like a storm drain, sewer, ditch or river.  The water is then passed downstream, safely away from the road surface.


But when water has infiltrated the asphalt paving, the water leeches into the surrounding areas making them soft.  Without a place to go, the water can just sit there until the next freeze/thaw cycle.  When the water under the asphalt freezes, it expands pushing the asphalt upwards.  When it thaws, the water melts leaving a hole under the surface.  This will quickly turn into a pothole, additional cracks, dips or wash-outs.


Other reasons for cracks include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Poor materials
  • Weak base
  • Frost heave
  • Vegetation on edges
  • Shrinkage

Notice anything about these problems?  They all have something in common.  That’s right!  WATER!


Stopping water from getting through your asphalt pavement is key to it’s long and useful life.  If water can cut the Grand Canyon over time, water can certainly cut into your asphalt!

How does hot crack filling help?

Hot crack filling prevents water from gaining entrance into your highly compacted pavement base layer. By sealing off these cracks, water can drain naturally off the roadway on it’s way into the storm sewer or ditch.

Can’t I just buy a tube from the hardware store?

Those types of products are a cold joint filler.  Major problems with these types of products is they don’t penetrate deep enough, do not create a tight bond with the existing asphalt and aren’t flexible enough to move with the temperature changes we all experience.  Depending on the product and your application skills, you may get a few months from one of these “solutions”.  However, over time, these fillers will break down and the cycle will repeat: water infiltration into the sub-base of your surface.


St. Louis Asphalt Sealing & Striping uses a commercial-grade hot crack filling and sealant. This product has:

  • Outstanding penetration into your asphalt.
  • Flexible material to ride the temperature cycles.
  • Exhibits superb bonding with existing asphalt.

After we fill the crack, an asphalt sealcoating is recommended to completely seal out moisture from the asphalt pavement.  Sealcoating places another barrier the water will have to go through to get to your sub-base and tear up your driveway or parking lot.  Hot crack filling is necessary to increase the life expectancy of your asphalt paving surface!

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